quinta-feira, 24 de março de 2011


One day you are out, because you are changing. Because it's not just your smile in the world, in those pictures, but something is happening. You are making other things shine, like rainbows in storm days. And believing in these changing things, you are tracing a new dawn, with less fear, less excuses, and more hope and more power in your hands and soul. So you discover a part of your mind that was covert for each minutes of your days and weeks and years. And you are new, no just waiting the sun to come, but buldying new days before the sun to come. And so the water will not be a problem, the air will not be a problem, the people will not be a problem, you will answer these question, without putting problems in things that are not yours. Because you are key, you are the window, for each dor, for each new idea. You are in the same mind that I am, in the same earth, chansing what is already our.